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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sterling Silver Jewelry and Geek It Forward Present ArchmailleDesigns

On another blog that I write on regularly I've started a new group, idea and set of tags called "Geek It Forward" with my new idea I've decided to write an article about my cousins sterling silver handmade jewelry website. At first it was a hobby for a couple years until this past year he took some classes on how to create some more advanced pieces at a local college.
If you're a silver jewelry fan you're going to love checking out his website hes got pieces and creations of all shapes and styles. From girly and feminine to tie-guards and other more masculine pieces. Along with his sterling silver jewelry pieces he has Copper and other different types of metals and TONS of different designs and colors.

Best of all if you can't find something you like just put in a request to have it custom made...

Source: http://www.moneyvsdebt.com/2007/06/19/sterling-silver-jewelry-and-geek-it-forward-present-archmailledesigns/