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Monday, May 08, 2006

The very bigging of the Amir Tofangsazan Story

Hello. My name is Amir Massoud Tofangsazan and i live in Barnet. I'm 19 but pretend to be a lot older and like to pretend that I'm a big businessman when I'm not actually that clever. on 29th November 2005 I sold a laptop on eBay. You can view the auction below. (Do you like the picture of me I took with my webcam?).

Although the buyer paid the £375 total within a few days, it took me nearly two months before i bothered to post the laptop. What the buyer didn't know was that it differed slightly from its description on ebay. Rather than having 2Gb of RAM, it only had 512Mb. It also didnt have a DVD-RW as described. Perhaps most importantly of all, the laptop didn't actually work! haha genius! Selling a 'working' laptop that doesn't work! Despite polite requests from the seller, I denied anything was wrong and refused to refund his money, then i agreed to but of course didn't. Then I claimed to have moved to Dubai and hoped he'd forget about it.

But he didn't forget about it. He took the hard disk out and behold! one laptop crammed with pictures that I really should have deleted before trying to sell it!

There was lots and lots (and lots and lots and lots) of pornography;

Some foot fetish porn;

Some gay porn (edited for decency, there was worse than this);

photos of whoever this is...?!;

these lovely ladies;

and these;

topless photos of myself;

many, many (90 to be exact) pictures of woman's legs that i took on the train with my camera phone;

whatever the fuck these are supposed to be;

In addition i also had all my bank details, my mum's bank details, scans of my mum's passport and driving license, (I wont show those here though);

a photocopy of my passport (with the date (badly) altered);

and various copies of my CV (all with different GCSE grades) as well as full access to MSN and hotmail (it just signed in automatically, whoops!).

The buyer of my laptop was understandably miffed at being ripped off but highly amused at finding this wide selection of information so easily accessible. What else could he do but publish this information on the internet for the whole world to see what a sad man I really am!

I've tried to claim that it wasn't my laptop and that it belonged to an 'employee' of mine. Why then did it have my CV, photos of me, my passport, my MSN and my bank details on it?, as well as this picture of me sitting in front of the laptop?!

Hmmm, i guess I'm just a bad liar! Anyway, let me know what you think of my fraudulent behaviour!

Lots of love

Amir XXX

EDIT, 25/05/2006: Due to popular demand, Here's a few more photos, once again, all found on the hard drive. this site is 100% genuine, i swear i'm not making anything up (unlike amir himself, of course!) anyway enjoy! --laptopguy

more amir, all on his own, in his bedroom, in front of his computer. oh shit, thats my computer now! ewwwwwwwww...

some classy fast food joint. part of your business empire, amir?

whoever the fuck this is. again;


due to (yet more) public demand, some more photos for your amusement!!


more legs;

amir asleep, i think...?!

the family.


I think its time I posted some highlights of Amir's various CVs on here. Pictures are one thing, but I think it's high time we had some words of wisdom from the man himself! So, over to Amir...

Personal Statement:

As you already know from the above my name is Amir Tofangsazan. I just would like to take the time to introduce myself. Firstly I would like to say my four most important qualities which are found below:

  • Honest on all occasion’s example of this would be when I had a bank error in my favour of £5,000. I stated this to my bank and happily returned it and received a lot of praise from that particular branch.
  • Hard working an example of this is working on un-implied terms work after my hours of my duty. I must tell when I am set a task I always complete it the same day.
  • Very punctual I am rarely ever late. The last time I was late for anything is an estimated two years ago
  • A team player I am very self motivated this enables me to motivate others which pleases me fully an example of this is when I help out in my fathers restaurant my duty was be overall charge of the business for a long duration.

Hobbies and Interests:

My hobbies include Long Distance Running which I have run in both Nike 10k runs the first and the one at night. Football which I used to play in my secondary school which I was the nominated captain due to my leadership and communication skills, My interests include cooking the Stock market and travelling abroad to new countries.

Here's a description of amir that i found... seems strangely appropriate now, i like the bit where he says 'i like to make people laugh at my expense'

I am an exciting fun guy who loves to have fun and outgoing times. I am 5ft 10 inches tall and dark brown eyes with a nice smile which people have told me. I have also short dark brown hair. I describe my figure to be athletic due to I do a lot of sports such as long distance running, soccer and tennis... I find myself to be very honest on all occasions and I can be a romantic at times. I like to make people laugh at my expense so that they aren’t uncomfortable or upset in anyway. Basically I am a very chilled guy and I always put the lady the first.

how about some more pictures?

the chicken shop;

whatever this is!

more expert photoshopping

big brother reject?


a bus stop this time!

the mystery man again.


legs for a change

amir and a famous face

more foot pr0n, once again edited for decency

virgin megastore action


To 'do an Amir'
To con money out of someone, lie or be otherwise dishonest, only to face ritual humiliation on a worldwide scale.
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(i think the above counter is wrong, but i don't know why)

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(this page is a truthful summary of the pictures and other documents that were found (and still remain) on the hard disk of the defective laptop)
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  1. Awesome! Lmao! :D

  2. who ever created this website your a serious fraudster and you will find out 75%of you information is invalid. I have reported you to the internet watch foundation and you will find they can also trace who ever leaves a comment. and who is the creator of this website. Sir Or Madaam, you will find out what the consequences of your actions. its a criminall offence to posess bank details or identification details that are not your own. I know one day your day will come and who ever looks at this i will give you my contact details to comfirm this is untrue and be careful this person may do the same to u. Who ever you are good luck in pathetic excuse of a life and be sure of whats to come is not pretty

    contact 07812735168

  3. lucywinter should learn how to construct sentences ;)

  4. In fact, lucywinters' grammar is just as bad as amirs, hmmm could they possibly be one and the same? Got any more sexy picks for us amir hahahah

  5. That's much more affective than the standard e-bay feedback method!

    He will learn a valuable lesson there! Quite funny really, I find it hard to believe there wern't any fit women on the tube on the day our little voyeur was on it.

    I've seen more attractive legs in a Bernard Mathews box! :)

  6. LOL!!!

    But none of your weird foot fetish shit, and that picture of the women bending over literally made me feel sick!

    If Greenpeace saw her lying on the beach they would push her back in the sea!!!


    I bet you wished the laptop wasn't faulty!!!

    ha ha ha ha ha

  7. After a little research you may find that the juristiction of the Internet watch foundation is for UK hosted sites. Unfortunately for Amir, bloger is part of google which hosts mosts of its content outside of the UK. Oh yeh, and I can now confirm the phone number posted under the guise of a certain AKA (I'm looking at you lucywinters) is actually Amir's number! Enjoy ;)

  8. lucywinters (amir)... serious fraudster? what about the laptop you sold me?! it didnt work! when you said it did!! all i want is my money back, is that so bad? and how can it be an offence to have your bank details if you left them on the laptop that i bought!? it's not as if i did anything to get them, they were just sitting there! youre not making sense. the way i see it, it is my right to post these photos up, i (unfortunately) own them, having bought the laptop from you! whether they were your photos or not is besides the point, i can do what i want with the contents of the laptop because it's mine!

  9. I actually agree with miss winters. I am also backing this guy amir tosingsaza. I believe you men which is everyone bar one. your just perverts specially the one who created this. the person has actually been named and shamed through anoher email that has been sent from tofang@hotmail.co.uk, i must say who ever beleives this good luck see where it will get the convicted peodofile, you dont believe check the metropolitan police website and has a very impressive pic of you Mr Tom Sawyer.

  10. I happen to actually happen to agree with Miss Winters and Miss Copland with their views and i must say its interesting to know that a convicted peodofile has hosted this site. My, My, My, I know the true story behind this being Mr Tofang's employer, whic i had to meet with him regarding this and the truth is the laptop was in full working order except needing a power supply. Mr Sawyer decides to contact Mr Tofang after one year after selling the item on ebay, which means he would have broken himself, and i must leave a final few words for thought Mr Sawyer death threats is not humerous as i have seen in the email you sent Mr Tofang, how desperate can you be, oops i forgot your a peodofile. All you people who side with this unreliable host i think you are no worse than Mr Sawyer. Mr Sawyer actually possessing bank details of the family can be formed charges against yourself for intent to commit fraud and blackmail, which Microsoft has filed this to their local authorities for prosecution for hacking into an email account which is a criminal offence, expect to hear from them in the very near future, oh and i did read the corrospondence with microsoft and Mr Tofang with the emails you sent him, if you would like thats is if you do not believe me i can forward them to you from my email account. just email thomasbuckly@hotmail.co.uk
    if i dont hear from you i agree with Miss Winters quote and good luck

  11. what? obviously those are all false accusations. i'm not a pervert, i did not mske any 'death threats' and i did not leave it a year before contacting him about the broken laptop, i contacted him as soon as i bought a charger, 3 days after the laptop arrived. (check the dates on the emails). making these false accusations against me is obviously illegal, so please stop, lets just leave it now people!

  12. Do me a favour email me via gwillmer@hotmail.com so you can send all the stuff you have on this guy and just for you i will post all this onto a cd and send it to his whole block so every person on his street sees his stuff and the scam he pulled

  13. Fagmir sure is persistent. Admit it man, you got caught. Now quit getting all your little incomprehensible friends to post their dribble in this thread.

    Own up to your scam. I actually hope you dont pay laptopguy off so he posts more weird shit of yours and owns you even harder.

  14. LucyWinters you have just been fucked over! How embarassing for you, but what a priceless read for everyone else.

    All this paedophile and internet watch foundation bullshit shows you're getting desperate.. unfortunately I don't think anyone believes you/cares so it's pretty unlikely this blog will get taken down.. I hope your friends and family don't find a link to this and see what a naughty boy you've been!

    And gay porn eh? Well hello there sailor!

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  18. Lol,

    At Amir for being such an idiot that is not at your misfortune at being landed with his defunct laptop together with its unsavoury contents....

  19. You are a bastard ripping people off that that. I've been ripped off once before on Ebay and altho I got my money back it was a terrible fucking inconvenience.

    You're a stupid little prick and I hope you have an absolute horrible life. I wish you nothing but bad luck for the rest of your sorry days. And when your life is ending, I hope you have a really slow and painful death and I hope you die screaming of every disease imaginable to man.

    No fuck off and crawl back under your rock, you highest degree of scum, you low life bastard.

  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. the guy selling the laptop has been proven to be a liar and a cheat.. stands to reason he would lie to his employer..if the earlier comment posted was really from his employer (already he tried to post under lucywinters and was found out).. because his sort of behavour does not reflect well on any company..i say name and shame and good on you for doing it..now then, in CB(citizen band) circles the usual practice where a user has been guilty of abusing his/her membership of the community is to go round and smash up the offenders equipment..shall we track him down through his uncle?..

  22. i'm not going to endorse any type of vandalism or violence (plus i've already had an angry/ threatening call from his uncle)... i think worldwide humiliation by legal means is more than sufficient punishment...!

  23. Ouch, bullied..
    This guy deserves this, all he has to do is give a refund as well to sort it out.

    Got anything else on that laptop you want to share?

  24. this is too weird for belief. some guy rips off another guy, tells people about it, and then tries to threaten people who leave comments on his blog? what the hell is wrong with you amir? stop looking at gay porn and get a job or at least a hobby.

  25. Justin, as you are not the target of this site I'll say this nicely, Amir didn't write the site himself it was the ebay victim...

  26. If this site is genuine, I think its genuis and the perfect buyers revenge!!!!!

    Well done that man!
    Oh lucy winters, a)get a life
    b) get a sense of humour and c) take an english grammer class!

  27. We really would like to see some insight into the Amir that people might have met outside of his ebay connings? Is it obvious that he is such a tool? I really can't fathom that such a cock could have freinds who'd defend him, so could we we see some more love/rage from people who know Amir and are not simply him posing as under his transexual aliases?

  28. And its obvious that this amir is posting under psuedonyms to try and discredit the poor buyer. I hope people with common sense are reading this!
    AMIR you have been stitched up and its your own fault.

  29. It seems I can't form sentences now either, or am I just trying to make it legible for Amir in his somewhat different understanding of English?

  30. Looks like the Norwegian online IT-magazine ITavisen posted a link to this site.

    Good to see scammers getting stitched up world wide.

    Greetings from Norway!

  31. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  32. Howdy Norwegian, good to hear the word is spreading.

  33. Just out of curiosity.. did you contact ebay about the lack of working laptop + disk with dodgy content?

  34. i contacted ebay about the lack of working laptop yeah but theyre pretty useless... i only found the pics recently and he no longer has an ebay account so i didnt see the point of getting in touch with them again!

    oooh, 4000+ hits, keep spreading the word people ;)

  35. Lucywinters/Amir, It is actually not an offence to posess another person's bank details..... otherwise anybody in receipt of a cheque or making a bank transfer would be committing a crime! DOH!

  36. I'm more than happy to be helping. These kinds of scammers make me sick to my stomach, and I really feel that any legal means neccessary. In addition to posting it on ITAvisen, I've sent the URL to your site to all my contacts ;-)

    294 hits on ITAvisen so far :-)

  37. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  38. Ownage, pure and simple. Amir got owned... big time

  39. Alrighty, i posted this entertaining story on several forums.. should bring in a few more hits :D

  40. Yea, I posted the URL around to some good sites like ebaumsworld.com , riderscartel.com etc. These guys will generate some serious hits.

  41. Ha Ha Ha
    Poetic thrustice I think...
    No it's not a miss spelling thing it's the double entendre idea...
    And doesn't chummy from Barnet feel like he's been bent over and thrusted?
    I'll bet he does...
    Truth or lies this is entertainment...
    And the gay porn?
    It seems someone might have opened up your closet chummy!
    Ha! Ha! Ha!
    (being re-released June 7th I'm told)

  42. i have seen the sex offenders register and tom nice photo shot. i am really glad you dont live near me. oh yeah for all u guys sending comments condoning peodofilia mr sawyer with death threats and full of lies, i guess u must be the same, it makes me wonder are all of u unemployed like Mr Sawyer who is unemployable

  43. ed how old are you, or may i say edward clarke the rapist

  44. all of you should be ashamed of yourself believing convicted criminals and who ever said ifa does not exist check it with your local met you retard

  45. oh yeah Mr Tofang has cleared his name because alot of his contact list believe that is not his personality and these are oppinions from high statured people not like your heavily debted fraudulet selves and also check with sex offenders register about Tom Sawyer and Edward Clarke, i assure you and promise you it is existant i have sources to and i am not a liar like alot of those people who ridiculed Mr Tofang this website is just unreliable and does not mean anything to anyone no matter how many people visit this site and comment on it its just difference of oppinion and information that was stolen and twisted from convicted criminals good luck

  46. ah soooo sweet

    i hope this thievin mother f****r gets everything he deserves! this blog is the work of genius!

    karma will always catch you!!

  47. amir! how nice of you to pay us a visit again! are you impressed with the number of hits? as you know, ed and myself are not sex offenders. making up more lies only makes you look more stupid. and im unemployable? strange then that i have a job, hows the jobhunting going amir?

    anyway, youre a fool, everyone can see that. everyone is laughing at you. the whole world.

  48. oh by the way.........

    ....... davisworld...............

    ........fuck off loser!

  49. i have a website running with good hits man gonna post your link tonight!

    this fool needs to pay

  50. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  51. i also apologise if people who defended me and made false or true comments about Mr Clarke Or Mr Sawyer i apologoise for the comments there were not mine weather they are true or not is not my business but good luck and sorry to everyone and whoever is calling Miss winters and is witholding there number leave her alone because some of those are ridiculous in the early hours of morning i ask you out of respect to her fiancee and her self stop

  52. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  53. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  54. The more 'closet case' tries to dig his sorry arse out of this hole with his transparent aliases, the less sympathy I have for him. And I had none from the beginning.

    Was this worldwide ridicule worth £375 Amir Massoud Tofangsazan?

    You sad, shit sucking, scamming, cowardly, delusion, prick. It is time to be a man and admit your wrong doings.

    I blame Charles Clarke.

  55. Sweet.
    I like it. The best parts are all of his hilarious attempts to tarnish the OP's reputation which are failing miserably.
    I like the gay porn find - what a total fkin downer for Amir - but he fkin deserves it the disrespectful, fraudulent, thieving, shame to his race little sh1t.
    hopefully his friends and relatives are now seeing what a pathetic little twat he is. No better way to make him pay!!
    I have posted this on 6 forums now.... hahahaha

    For the OP - If you want to drag some more stuff off his hard drive - everything he's deleted and everything he's viewed on the net - including online banking, any websites that require passwords etc, try indexing his drive after installing something like google desktop. Takes a few hours to index but well worth it. You'll get access to EVERYTHING thats been on his machine - even deleted stuff.... Let us all know if u turn up some more gems!! Maybe a pic of Amir with a banana up his arse!!! hahaha (please dont post that though - eeeuuughhhhh!!!

  56. I'm just wondering, why are the pics of men mainly topless..

    I dare say your laptop belonged to a marmite miner.

  57. laptopguy

    excellent work, i for one would forward the pics of the September 11th / July 7th you have as well as his his home address to your local police force saying you have worring concerns about his unhealthy interest in terrorist going ons considering he's clearly of middle east origin. That’s gotta be work them kicking his back door in at 5am and not in the gay porno way he'd probably quite enjoy!!

    Also i think the police would take a very dim view of his clearly weird voyeristic tendancies of perving on women on public transport, and could lead to another little chat with her majesties finest.

    i also suggest putting up his home address and lets see what other visitors can come up with to prolong his humiliation/punishment :)

    Amir you fucking first class prick you deserve everything that is coming to you.

  58. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  59. Haha nice one, great way to get back those dickheads on ebay!

  60. Excellent revenge, man. This guy really deserves the backfire he is getting.
    Just wondering: how the hell someone is STUPID to the point of being unable, when trying to comment under false pseudonyms, to change a little the way he writes? Even for a portuguese like myself is clear when the prick is writing, just looking at the first sentence! This must be one of the stupidiest people on earth (or so I hope!)

  61. Fantastic. Very funny and nicely written.

    Newbie guide: If a post contains little or no punctuation, no capital letters in the correct places, dodgy syntax and sentence structure and bad spelling in general with a particular fondness(a sure giveaway, this one) for and incorrect spelling of "peodofilia", it's Amir.

    But... but... he's pretending to be someone else! Wow! How confusing! My god, it so nearly had us all fooled!


  62. Ha ha! Nice work. Amir = pwn3d.

  63. I don't know whether I prefer the original blog page or the comments page.

    Is the whole thing a scam? Who gives a fuck - pure entertainment.

  64. Your happy being a fraudster, deserve everything you get you sad wanker.

  65. link with te holy moly mailout
    expect-thousands of hits

  66. Are you reading this Amir, you cunt?

  67. I'm afraid he doesnt give a shit, yet.
    He still got your 375(?) dollars. You have done nothing yet but post some slightly embarassing pictures. you may think that this would be a good payback for his scam, because you would be very much ashamed in his place, but I bet he isnt that much concerned.
    So I'd advise to use the personal data (bank, msn, hotmail) to make him pay for his ill-gotten money.

    Hmm after reading a few comments I can see Mr Amir is seriously angry. Well, it still doesnt cut it. It doesnt give him any option to pay you back. You're just enraging him and humiliating him, without really giving him a safe opportunity of paying you your money back and having his shit deleted for good.
    This increases tensions, you see what I mean? In his place I would try to hurt the "laptopguy" physically. I hope you took care of your anonimity.
    You can fuck with him for a while, until you feel that he is regretting his act a thousand times. You can go further if you're a mean vindicative person. But i'd advise to leave him an opportunity to make amends, which means giving him guarantees that you would delete the site and the laptop data once he's payed you back with money (it could be more than the price you payed, after all there should be a compensation fee for the trouble you had to go through and the site's expenses).

  68. Are you sure the laptop was broken? Maybe the battery just needs charging?
    Maybe he was just late sending it because his mom I’ll with Bovine Chlamydia?
    Maybe he did refund you but PayPal missed it?

    Come on, give the guy a break?

    OK. no.

  69. dude... someone has to get laptopguy and amir (amirtostealalaptop?) together on Oprah...!!!


    Amir.... amir to tell you.. pay the man

  70. Fuhcking hell. I'm going to leave something about this cuhnt on my blog. Uh.

  71. o my god! what a cunt!

  72. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  73. great payback, i will tell everyone about this link, i also live in barnet, wish i knew where now.

  74. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  75. Amir, you are without hounour, grace, dignity and any kind of pleasant Human attribute. You are lower than an amoeba, lower than the lowest form of life. You are a disgrace to your people.You are not a man,you are a pervert who has to look up Women´s skirts in secret,because they would never let you look under there voluntarily. You are a sad, pathetic specimin who has crawled from the dung heap of humanity. You are that piece in a pile of vomit that nobody ever seems to be able to identify.
    You are worthless!

  76. Hey just an idea
    Why not sell his laptop on ebay again, as he did, with all his data on it?
    Make him bid against all the people who want to screw his bank details, copy his passport and jack off to his topless photos in order to stop this blog? you might even make a profit from it!

    P.S. Gay pics and ladies legs? seems a bit confused....

  77. allright laptopguy keep us informed;-)
    i'll check out that page later.

    thanks for the entertainment, congratulations for the move, and take care.

    and dont hesitate in asking for any assistance in this matter.

  78. great idea jono, the sorry prick would have to shell out maybe hundreds of dollars in order to avoid his bank data to fall into the hands of someone as dishonest and worthless as he is (but clearly more clever).

    Great idea.

  79. ok i've seen you got his mom bank details. Contact her. She'll pay you your money back AND she'll give Amir a good familial humiliation (either she or another relative who bosses the sorry Amir kid who deserves so much spanking).

  80. South Africa has been struck by the hilarious story and I've shoved it on to friends in Germany and the States. I cannot imagine a more horrifying ( entirely deserved ) revenge. I wonder if this will become a trend, it certainly works wonders, but what if, just WHAT IF this was used as a malicious tool against yourself. It's a scary thought, nobody is beyond reproach.

    If only this worked with Bush!

    PS. Amir, Africa thinks you're a cunt too.

  81. The real Lucy Winters?


  82. Hahahaha this site had 15,000 hits when I looked at it twenty minutes ago, it's now sitting at nearly 20,000

    lapotopguy I salute you, what an excellent way to ridicule a footfetishisingthief.

  83. criminally vulgar,
    your links have been cut off by the blog's text input interface.
    You can shorten them with http:///snipurl.com or other URL shorteners.

  84. What a muppet.

    I'm always looking for muppets to come post on http://www.thefansforum.co.uk/forum


    Got any cheap tellys for sale ?

  85. Interestingly, these various profiles mention London as his living place.
    Maybe your money is not as far as you would have believed, laptopguy;-)
    On the other hand, make sure he cant reach you, the guy is as stinky as it gets.

  86. This blog is just pure genius, a brilliant revenge. I'll be sure to send the link to as many people as possible.
    And I agree, the Met should be VERY interested in the 9/11 and 7/7 photos. And the pervy leg shots. Put this idiot behind bars.
    Karma ROCKS!

  87. Fucking class.

    p.s. Does anyone want to buy a laptop?

  88. this is getting linked to my blog - pure gold

  89. Bunnyboiler:

    Those leg shots are f'ing creepy.

  90. Fantastic! I just waited ten seconds and refreshed on the blog counter. It fucking LEAPT.

    Amir, fight your overwhelming survival instinct - the one that makes you such a selfish, fraudulent cunt, and the one that makes you think you've got any right to be outraged here - and just smash your fucking face into the pavement.

  91. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  92. i love this site so much. the funny thing is that the more often amir posts under different aliases the funnier it gets and the more ppl who'll forward it on. i wonder what his family think about his gay porn collection.. i wouldn't have thought they'd be too impressed.

    i really like jono's idea of flogging it off on ebay and making him bid for his personal info and that of his family's.

    great work laptopguy.. i'll have to post a link to this on my blog too.. as well as email the link to everyone in the office

  93. What a total wanker (amir that is) Give the money back man.
    BTW did you know you are a gay pervert?

  94. http://www.thefansforum.co.uk/forum/

    Come discover THE TRUTH!

  95. what a wanker. send this around as a viral, it will definitely get interest.

  96. what a wanker. send this round as a viral to make him get what he deserves. and the pervy twat should be arrested.

  97. Fucking brilliant! I only signed up to this site because of this blog! I dare say the police would be very interested in some of these pictures

  98. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  99. BTW did you know you are a gay pervert?

    Oh, come on now, he's at least a bisexual pervert.

  100. Superb work. I'll do my part to make sure everyone possible sees this page.

  101. LOL! Absolute genuius. The funniest thing I've seen in a long time.

    I personally hope that Gaymir (bet that's come as a bit of a shock to your mum eh bigboy!) Lucy/Christina or whatever the fuck he chooses to call himself next, doesn't pay the money back and has to suffer this humiliation for the next 10 years.

    Lets face it Gaymir. You're probably going to become famous through this. You're going to be on TV ("Trisha", "GMTV", "Richard & Judy"). The works. Millions will know your name.

    Your family must be so proud. What a stupid cunt! Double LOL!!

    This blog is getting posted on every forum I know. I predict a million hits within a month.


  102. Sorry

    Did you know (Amir) that you are a weird bisexual pervert, or is he metrosexual?
    Were there any pics of animals??
    Well you never know?

  103. lol beatpoet is so right, Amir is becoming a celebrity. His family will be ashamed of him for years.
    This site is getting over 100 hits per minute now. Expect to be on TV soon, fucktard. You'll soon wish you had sent back 10 times the laptop money.

  104. Lol, you're a scumbag! Selling a broken laptop was low but taking pictures of random birds' legs is the by far the lowest you have plumbed... Expect to find your blog as the topic of conversation for a long while.

  105. I wanted to say summat really witty, but the best I could come up with is


  106. Ed, is this his uncle?

    He helped you, maybe he'll help laptopguy as well.

  107. Put it on eBay, like the man said. You know we'll help you get a good price........

  108. Ideal, great story, Amir totally deserves it.

    As previously mentioned, this has been posted on Holy Moly, a world wide gossip newsletter.. Everyone is going to know about this within a couple days

  109. Someone started a thread on this at http://www.thefansforum.co.uk/forum everyone agrees that Amir is a TWAT!

  110. Hahahaha, it's very funny! I'll talk about this in my blog :D

  111. Some Mac programmer oughta put out an Amir widget..... so we can watch the hit counter spin...

  112. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  113. Bugger me, the hit counter just shot up by 10,000 within the hour..

    Also, this blog was the reason i signed up too.

  114. good skills mate. i bet this site is going to have done half a million uniques by the end of the month.

    the beauty of it all is that the newspapers will have got hold of the story and in a couple of weeks the laptop itself will have reached such cult status that you will prolly be able to sell it to one of them for a few grand.

    (btw - hello Log! nice to see you are still alive champ)

  115. copy of my usenet posting :

    To 'do an Amir'

    To 'do an Amir'
    To con money out of someone, lie or be otherwise dishonest, only to face ritual humiliation on a worldwide scale.



    followup to : free.uk.btinternet.chatter.refugees


    Note = I selected VERY active newsgroups. I'm thinking of including one of Amir laptop's pictures in a next posting, this time to binaries newsgroups. Feel free to do it if anyone feels like it.

  116. Fantastic post.

    seriously tho, if you want to get your money back I suggest looking at small claims court, you might be able to sue the scammer.

    Costs £30 to register a claim.

  117. Wow!

    I like the photo of him in 'Hollywood Fried Chicken & Ribs' on Lillie Rd. I wonder if he's a regular?.. Or works there?... Or meets his 'Boyz' in Brompton Cemetery? :-o

    Nice of him to include the Takeaway name on the menu board, and the phone number of the HSS hire shop over the road... Not too difficult to find even if you didn't know the place already ;)

  118. wow this really is amazing, sooo many hits, and the sun newspaper are on their way round to do a story... but one polite request, as misguided and sad as amir may be, please no more racist/ excessively harsh comments! i think he may have learnt his lesson without any bigotry or threats from other people.

    im thinking of putting the now famous laptop on ebay, any takers?

    keep the hits coming! ;)

  119. I'm sending a link to the all the national papers (broadsheets and redtops). Wonder who'll pick it up first?

  120. I've submitted this to the Consumerist blog and to the Bad Service community on Livejournal.

    Hope it helps :D

  121. I'll just leave it if the Sun's already on the case then Laptop. I think they'll do enough damage!

  122. Ow isn't Lucywinters miserable? I take it your against capital punishment and all for the release of pedophiles back into society?

  123. Just posted on the 7 most active newsgroups (all .binaries newsgroups), bar alt.binaries.test .

    I picked the gay picture of course lol.


    this should generate some hits;-)

    I should imbed your site's URL inside the picture though, as most binaries news readers only see the pictures and not the messages' bodies.

    I agree with laptopguy, let's keep this clean, no more insults (I made some too). It's more efficient that way.

  124. yes, wait for the papers to come in and the sell the hard drive to the news of the world! do it! LOL

  125. Yeah, the guy is an asshole but I seriously doubt is heritage has anything to do with it...

    (Stupid is not limited to any particular ethnicity.)

  126. It looks like amir works at Hollywood Fried Chicken. He does have a lovely chefs outfit on - clearly needs to supplement his income from selling fried chicken by selling dodgy laptops. What a CUNT!

    Anyway, the address to his chicken shop is on the multimap directions below - feel free to pop in for a chicken burger, and to call him a cunt.


  127. What I am really loving about this is this Bi sexual, pantyhose loving, foot fetishist, paki chicken fryers pathetic defence of his sorry self on here using bogus id's
    Amir, face it within 72 hours the whole world will know that you love to wank over photos of boys in pantyhose , and while you are handing out legal threats, let me inform you , that by taking photos of womens legs on the London tube you have commited a criminal offence, laptop person if he persists in bothering you Ii will let you know how to have him arrested for that, and thats not an idle threat, two weeks ago a lawyer who had been caught filming up womens skirts got 4 years in prison from a london court.

  128. im pretty sure he doesnt work there any more, remember he sold me this laptop in november 2005 and it didnt work then so these pics are fairly old. i heard he was trying to get a job in debenhams...

  129. i heard he was trying to get a job in debenhams..

    Plenty of leg action there. God I hope he didn't get the job.....

  130. Laptop guy this is brilliant, its a cyber lynching, I agree with it, just hope you can live with the consequences (+:
    Now if we can just apply this to politicians.

  131. Criminally vulgar have you checked under your desk for hidden cams?

  132. Criminally vulgar have you checked under your desk for hidden cams?

    AHHHHH! I've just found Amir!



  133. I wonder if Amir has felt any real world reprucussions yet since this was published all of a couple of days ago? General policy of pointing and laughing?

  134. Dear laptopguy
    Well done - I was a victim of one of these bastards too. I found an apartment to rent for a week in New York through craigslist which is usually pretty good. I asked him lots of questions and he seemed genuine but of course you have to trust people when doing these things online. I then sent a deposit of 540 euros through paypal only to be told the place had suffered fire damage and wouldn't be available for that week. He promised to refund the 540 euros. Of course this didn't happen. Paypal did nothing to help, or the police when I called New York. I want revenge too. The guy was stupid enough to use his real name and I have his address and phone number which still works. Any tips? It's hard to do anything legal from the other side of the world.

  135. Dear laptopguy
    Well done - I was a victim of one of these bastards too. I found an apartment to rent for a week in New York through craigslist which is usually pretty good. I asked him lots of questions and he seemed genuine but of course you have to trust people when doing these things online. I then sent a deposit of 540 euros through paypal only to be told the place had suffered fire damage and wouldn't be available for that week. He promised to refund the 540 euros. Of course this didn't happen. Paypal did nothing to help, or the police when I called New York. I want revenge too. The guy was stupid enough to use his real name and I have his address and phone number which still works. Any tips? It's hard to do anything legal from the other side of the world.

  136. Nicolesmith: we'd already established the Lucy Winters is 99.999% certain to be our man Amir himself.

    Can no-one spell paedophile properly? Remember, kids, it's NOT the same thing as a paediatrician.

  137. urm, lawboy, now Amir knows how to spell something, his numerous alter egos will be able to spell it now removing our top clue!

  138. laptopguy - what is Amir's EBAY username - we should make sure that everyone knows about it and never buys anything off him again.

    I would be willing to bid £1000 for the laptop, it could become an item of folklore, and something to tell my children about when I'm older to teach them lessons about honesty!

  139. right, paedophile, tricky english spelling.
    Well my wife is protesting that we shouldnt ruin the poor boy's life for such a simple mistake of him. He might commit suicide or something, she said.
    I dont know. At least he would serve as a warning for other empty shells out there who still havent learned the law of "don't do unto others what you wouldnt want to be done unto you."
    Let's stick to that rule I guess.

  140. right, paedophile, tricky english spelling.
    Well my wife is protesting that we shouldnt ruin the poor boy's life for such a simple mistake of him.

    I might agree, except those photos on the tube look remarkably sex pest-y.

    All of the ladies I've shown that to have shuddered and gone 'ewwwwww.'

  141. Very funny! That'll teach him...

  142. Fab website mate - if it's all true it's absolute genius.

    There is an opportunity here - a name and shame website for e-bayers.

    I'll get the programmers onto it right now!

  143. Ah, but it's not just the simple mistake, see: it's the intention ripping off of Laptopguy and presumably many other people.

    Sex-pest-y. Nice turn of phrase, vulgar. The shot with the girl in the kebab shop is quite cringeworthy too. You can almost image the scene: Attractive girl walks into shop. "Hello, can I have my picture taken with you for... um... advertising purposes. Yes, it's going to be our new advert!" (secretly thinks to himself: "If I have a photo of me standing next to this girl, people will think I've slept with her! Yay!)


  144. remember how famous the Turkish "I Kiss You" guy became (even made it to Sky News)... I just hope this makes it to the broadcast networks.... for my part this is now in Holland, Sweden, Norway, US, Poland, NZ, Fiji Islands, France, Germany, Japan and Switzerland!

  145. in some muslim countries of which Amir seems to be fond of, thieves get their hand cut off in public place dont they?
    His former employer (the fastfood joint in London) is bound to have informations about him. I can picture people from the Sun newspaper paying them a visit soon. Hurry up, Amir/Lucywinters/Whatever, you might get there before them and prevent your former boss from spilling the beans about you !
    Fortunately, you're not in Bahrain as you so cleverly lied to be, and just a subway trip (with a few sneak leg shot along the way to add to your collection) will do the trick;-)

    Got to be a bit silly to give one's real name when scamming someone... LOL
    Amir Tofangsazann the first web-casualty. Died of shame for having been exposed worldwide as a sorry ebayscammer. LOL
    Fame I tell yaz!!
    You might make it to the Guiness Book next year !
    Your mom will have money till the rest of her days thanks to sonny !

  146. Might be worth adding I'm not actually Amir but I felt he needed to share his pictures with the world since he sells them off so easily.

    Just to avoid confusion - but otherwise what a shit - hope you get some money back off the thieving little bastard.

  147. Ha ha ha. What a tvvat.

    I was having a rubbish afternoon - you've just cheered me right up, Amir, old son. Fucking pw3nd, royally.

    PS Please keep posting under pseudonyms. Very important for our amusement.

  148. Wow. This is just hilarious.

    Just goes to show that you should never underestimate the power of the Internet.

  149. Thanks Lawboy :). She doesn't look comfortable, does she? Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew.

    Poor bastard certainly isn't a very sympathetic character.

  150. ...and has anyone from the British Transport Police had a word with him about his Tube antics?

    Oh yes, and I accidentally forwarded a link to the local free paper in Barnet and Potters Bar, just to make sure the off-line residents of Barnet know about this too... :)

  151. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  152. www.majorgeeks.com have been informed :)

    (they have a "Way off track" section for things like this)

  153. I don't know how the PayPal refunds work in the UK, but you probably could have gotten your money back that way. Although this is a much sweeter revenge!

    And to lucywinters, you're an idiot. The scammer left this information on the broken laptop, which he sold to another person. He deserves to be burned in this manner!

  154. Does any one know of a Private Detection agency in the UK that would deal with Ebay scammers?

    I was ripped off for over £200 along with 7 other people on the same auction and the guy dissapeaerd after taking the moeny. As alway, Ebay were useless and we're all still waiting for the £120 maximum compensation we're allowed to claim back. (Oh forgot to mention the fact that they take a £15 admin fee out of it).

    If you do know a private detective agency, post it on here as they will get untold business from other Ebays when this gets in the news.

  155. What an arse! And what an inspired way of highlighting his fraudulent behaviour. If this makes just one other chancer trying to take advantage of the relative anonymity of the internet think twice about ripping someone off then it's been worthwhile.

    I loved the highly ungrammatical and badly spelled posts in defence of Amir. Isn't it amazing how all of his friends have the self-same writing style and made identical errors? Spooky. One might almost suspect they were all written by the same person ;-)

  156. Laptopguy -

    Were you HIGH when you bid on this sleazeball's auction? He had a feedback rating of 50 % for godsakes !!!!! Amir should be executed BUT what the fuck is wrong with you........the eBay community had ALREADY revealed this guy as disreputable and you fell right into his hands. WAKE THE FUCK UP !!!

  157. In Argentina it knows as "escrache", when someone is publicly unmasked. We use with politicians. PS: Forgive my "English"

  158. Whats his username on ebay?

  159. I've lost all faith in Paypal. I sold a hard drive the other week. The buyer left positive feedback for me and acknowledged safe receipt. However, he was apparently not paying paypal the amount he owed them.

    Paypal thus decided that my transaction with him was "unauthorised" and took the money away from me. I had posted the item first class, and apparently, in order to be protected by Paypal, all sellers have to send items by registered post, so that you can give them a tracking number.

    Thus, despite buyer admitting that he ordered the item and that it arrived I got no money.

    Fortunately, he was an honest guy and sent the drive back to me, but paypal's customer services were the single most shoddy I have ever, ever dealt with. All queries are responded to with an automatic (uninformative) response, and when they do write you a personal email, it doesn't answer any of your questions, it just said "it's your own fault". So, all sellers who want protection will have to add considerable postage costs, which will make their auctions less attractive.

    Right... rant over.But the lesson I learnt was: only use paypal as a buyer. And if your seller doesn't send registered post, paypal encourage you to fraudulently say you never received your item, as they never listen to sellers.

  160. Welllllllll......

    This story has to be funny when it's put in the weekly holy moly mail out....

    Haha Amir is such a buttmuch....

    I'm not sure what worries me more....the fact he takes pictures of old ladies legs....or that he has pictures of the bombings on his hard drive...??

    Never mind fraudster...potiential terrorist/granny rapist?

    over nd oot!


  161. This is getting big. A link to this blog has been posted on Spain's biggest selling newspaper El Pais. Good for you whoever you are. I hate thiefs and scammers. Amir is scum and should be shamed until everyone in britain knows about this. Keep posting more dirt about him.

  162. How About Putting Him In The Big Brother House?

  163. Wonderful blog! And some of the comments are priceless. I have put a link to you on my blog (bluelifeorgreen.blogspot.com) to spread the word. Hope you get your money back :)

  164. Here


  165. If you've got his bank details, why don't you just transfer back the money he owes you and send him the laptop back in the post?

  166. This is getting linked on my blog too - fucking OWNED :D

  167. Many years ago an ex of mine caught one of these perverts following women up the escalator with a camera hidden in a shopping bag filming up their skirts, being feisty she arrested him, I think Amir needs arresting, people such as him tend to go on to commit serious exual assaults ,laptop report him to the metropolitan police , if you want conatct details I
    will be happy to supply them

  168. Whilst possessing someone's bank details is not an offence, using those details to make an unauthorised transaction, even in these circumstances, would be very much frowned up. Sadly.

  169. Why not sell his laptop on ebay again, as he did, with all his data on it?
    Make him bid against all the people who want to screw his bank details, copy his passport and jack off to his topless photos in order to stop this blog? you might even make a profit from it!

    ding ding we hav a winner...

    Sell the laptop on ebay and get paid!!!

  170. igbad bob
    this fun is worth far far more than £375, perhaps we could all have a whip round for lap top?
    paypal is easy, the laughs ive had out of this are worth a few quid,

    laptop, you may even end up with a nice new Mac out of this.

  171. Hahahahahaha

    Absolute genius!

  172. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  173. Third usenet posting. Better newsgroups, website URL imbedded in the pictures. Two pictures : the first Amir one, and the gays one.
    Title: Amir Tofangsazan is a silly ebay scammer who loves gay porn
    Crossposted to:

  174. Nice one, little prick deserves everything he gets as a result of this.

    I would definitely go along with the suggestion that you use the information he left on there to get in contact with his mother and at least get him in some deep shit with his family.

  175. Please please, you have to report this moron to the police and trading standards. If he's been taking photos of women's legs on the train, then he clearly has some sexual deviance issues. I mean, we all like women's legs, but by taking these photos he's seriously invaded their privacy and I'm fairly certain an offence has been cmmitted. As for the topless photos, they're just an offence to taste.

  176. Please please, you have to report this moron to the police and trading standards. If he's been taking photos of women's legs on the train, then he clearly has some sexual deviance issues. I mean, we all like women's legs, but by taking these photos he's seriously invaded their privacy and I'm fairly certain an offence has been cmmitted. As for the topless photos, they're just an offence to taste.

  177. AmirFanclub

    Hahahhahaha! Great username.

  178. I'd like to see the last pic in full, would you post it somewhere else?

  179. This site is very funny. What's more funny is watching Amir use his alternate IDs on the web to try and defend himself.

    It's kind of sad, because it seems this guy isn't terribly well in the head.

    But on the other hand, he's the kind of guy who calls some one a sex offender to cover his own ass.

    A scumbag, a liar and a thief, and it's fun to laugh at villians.

  180. Without a shadow of a doubt, Amir will get into trouble with the police. Not for the 9/11 or london bombing pics; they are at worst distasteful. But for taking pictures of women on the train - that is a sex offense. All it takes is someone to make an official complaint, and the police are duty bound to investigate.

    Also I see a craze starting on other forums with using his cheesy pics as avatars :D

  181. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  182. Congratulations Amir, an historical turning point for all the shysters lurking in the depths of eBay. Hide yourself in shame.

    This will be big if short lived... but very big.

    I only hope that Internet Lynching doesn't become (.)fad

  183. Mate great blog :) name and shame that bitch as i posted in ya thread :)

  184. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Great revenge!!! I think it's better than all this movies about revenge. It's the 21th century revenge.


  185. Hahah priceless website.

    If you take a peek here:http://feedback.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback&userid=amir6626

    you'll see that Amir's 25% positive feedback score was due to that fact that he managed to rip off 3 people. And the fourth? Why that would be a very satisfied customer with the username of Nicktofang... :)

    Coincidence? Or is he the posing pr*ck in some of Amirs homoerotic family photos?!

    Laptopguy - I salute you!

  186. Talk about net-creep cliche fest. Sad.

  187. touché! "Do an Amir" it is!

  188. Talk about net-creep cliche fest! Sad.

  189. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  190. Leave my boy alone !
    He is sensitive, he loves the ballet and dress making,he is a good boy who one day hopes to make his family proud,he assures me that all those nasty photos appeared on his computer by mistake.

  191. To all posters on this blog : Long URL's get cut off.
    Use http://snipurl.com or other URL shortener.

  192. wow this really is going swimmingly isnt it?! i never could have imagined such a response, i guess this strikes a chord with a lot of people (as well as being pretty funny). the journalist from the sun has just gone, keep an eye out uk readers, im assured amir (and myself) will be making an appearance soon!

    once again, i have to request that you keep the insults non-racist, and im not too comfortable with people digging around for and then publishing his personal details, imho just having these pictures shown to tens (soon to be hundereds) of thousands of people is punishment enough!

    anyway, im off to keep staring at the hit counter, i just cant believe how popular this site is getting! can we break the million?

  193. criminally,
    how did you find that photo of laptop?
    your a seriously scary woman (+:
    Im looking at you now with binoculars,